Instruction Experience

I have experience teaching undergraduate and graduate students how to conduct research using library-based resources. While completing a research instruction practicum at Georgetown University Library’s Collection, Research, and Instruction Department, I led and co-taught academic library instruction sessions, and co-facilitated independent and small-group research during library instruction sessions. In this role, I also evaluated existing online learning resources, including Georgetown University’s required online information literacy tutorial for incoming undergraduate students, and created digital resources to improve student’s research literacy skills.

Spring 2015 SOCI-111 Flourishing in College and Community
Georgetown University
Co-taught library instruction sessions on conducting library research, contributed information resources to the online course guide, co-created an annotated bibliography worksheet, and collected indirect assessment data via a feedback form.
Spring 2015 Doing Research at Georgetown
Georgetown University
Partnered with the University’s Academic Resources Center to teach a library research workshop for academically challenged undergraduate students.
Spring 2014 DC Reads at The Catholic University of America
Imagine Hope Community Charter School
Provided individual tutoring, in-class instructional support, and after-school homework assistance to under-served students. Attended training sessions on classroom management in K-12 settings.

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