CIDLIS 2016: Poster Accepted

I’m looking forward to presenting a poster at next week’s 2016 Conference on Inclusion and Diversity in Library and Information Science (CIDLIS). This conference, hosted and organized by the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland at College Park, is an annual event focused on diversity, inclusion, justice, and rights in the LIS field. I’ve always found CIDLIS to be an enriching event full of critical conversations and insights and I’m honored to be participating in this year’s conference.

Lieutenant, E. (2016). Structures of power: Institutionalizing diversity in LIS education program governance. Poster presentation at the 2016 Conference on Inclusion and Diversity in Library and Information Science. College Park, MD, October 20-21, 2016.
Fostering a diverse, inclusive educational environment requires a systematic, collaborative approach that addresses all aspects of an organization’s operations and culture. Mission, goals, and objectives must be aligned with systematic planning and decision-making processes that support infusing diversity, inclusion, and anti-oppression into the higher education system. Governance structures dedicated to diversity can help ensure that these initiatives and efforts are robust, effective, and sustainable. This poster presentation explores how diversity has been institutionalized in LIS education program governance. Different governance models used in United States LIS education programs, such as standing committees, ad hoc working groups, and student organizations, will be comparatively analyzed and assessed. Specific analysis factors include governance status, dimensions of diversity addressed, and representation of constituency groups. This poster presentation will be useful for LIS program administrators, faculty, staff, and students who are interested in establishing a new or refining a pre-existing diversity governance body. 

Your thoughts?

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