ALA Annual 2016: Accreditation, Research, and Doctoral Programs

ALA Annual 2016 Logo

I’m traveling to Orlando, FL to attend the 2016 American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference. While in Orlando, I plan to participate in the following activities:

The upcoming Annual Conference presents a great opportunity to discuss improving accreditation, LIS education, and our professions. Personally, I am most eager to engage current LIS students in these discussions. As with all educational systems, students are essential stakeholders in LIS education. While every decision that is made about LIS education directly affects students, students have the least agency, power, and voice in educational decision-making processes. As the student representative (who recently graduated) to the Task Force on the Context of Future Accreditation, I have a responsibility to listen to current students and ensure that their needs, perspectives, and voices are heard.

If you have comments, ideas, suggestions, or just want to talk, please get in touch. If you’d like to meet up, please leave a comment below, or connect with me via email or social media. I hope to see you in Orlando!

Your thoughts?

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