DERAIL Forum: Presentation Accepted

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I’m excited to be presenting at the DERAIL Forum this Saturday, March 26th. This student-led forum is designed to amplify student voices and perspectives and will focus on diversity, equity, race, accessibility, and identity in LIS. Lindsay Inge and I will be presenting on the iDiversity curriculum development project, which we’re co-leading at the University of Maryland’s College of Information Studies. I hope you will consider supporting this important event by participating in the Forum virtually, making a financial donation, and sending a bit of love and encouragement to the Forum’s Twitter account. Cheers!

Lieutenant, E., & Inge, L. T. (2016). Student leaders, student-teachers: Embedding diversity into LIS education through iDiversity’s curriculum development project. Presentation at the DERAIL Forum: Diversity, Equity, Race, Accessibility, and Identity in LIS. Boston, MA, March 26, 2016.
Students are primary stakeholders in LIS education, yet our perspectives, needs, and concerns are not as fully incorporated into LIS education improvement efforts as they should be. iDiversity, a student organization at the University of Maryland’s iSchool, aims to promote student agency in LIS curricular evaluation and improvement efforts through the iDiversity curriculum development project. iDiversity is dedicated to promoting diversity, inclusion, and accessibility within the information professions, and its curriculum development project aims to incorporate diversity into every course taught at the iSchool. Project members examine course curricula, compile suggested readings, and create discussion points to infuse diversity throughout each course’s syllabi. This curriculum development project supports students interested in playing an active leadership role in improving their own education by embedding diversity into LIS education. It also provides students with tangible curriculum design and project management experience. By embedding diversity into the iSchool’s curriculum, students are equipped with the knowledge needed to further promote diversity, inclusion, and accessibility within the information professions.

Your thoughts?

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