#HLSDITL: The Racing Librarian

Hack Library School‘s Day in the Life (#HLSDITL), round 2, is a project that encourages library school students from around the world to come together to share what Library (school) Land is really like. This will help prospective students learn what library school is actually like and connect current LIS/IT students with those in other programs. Find other students or sign up on their wiki.
I’m in my first semester of library school at The Catholic University of America, taking 2 classes and working as an Access Services Library Assistant on campus. I’ll be writing about my classes and my research projects, as well as my extracurricular involvement in two of our LIS student organizations, SLA & AGLISS.

So I made this prediction during Wednesday’s post:

“And I actually published my #HLSDITL blog post on the right day! Hopefully I’ll on time the rest of the week.”

F1 Kimi Yes

It’s now Saturday night.

This past week has been a busy one. In addition to all of my normal, library school-work and work-work responsibilities, I’ve created these wonderful posts for you, dear readers. Most importantly, it’s a race weekend. The 2013 Formula 1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi. You know how I feel about having extra responsibilities on race weekend, right?

Although the last two days of #HLSDITL never got documented (pics or it didn’t happen), please know how much I appreciate being able to share my story, how wonderful it’s been to connect with fellow library school students across the world, and how grateful I am that a resource like Hack Library School exists. Until round 3…

F1 Thank You Goodbye

Your thoughts?

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