#HLSDITL: Tumblarian, WordPress Style

Hack Library School‘s Day in the Life (#HLSDITL), round 2, is a project that encourages library school students from around the world to come together to share what Library (school) Land is really like. This will help prospective students learn what library school is actually like and connect current LIS/IT students with those in other programs. Find other students or sign up on their wiki.
I’m in my first semester of library school at The Catholic University of America, taking 2 classes and working as an Access Services Library Assistant on campus. I’ll be writing about my classes and my research projects, as well as my extracurricular involvement in two of our LIS student organizations, SLA & AGLISS.

I’m taking a page from Chelsye Bowley‘s #HLSDITL contributions (which are wonderful and amazing) and gif-ing my #HLSDITL Wednesday. I’ll make F1 fans out of all you librarians yet!

Let’s get started!

F1 Start Lights

I got an email from a coworker telling me that they were awarded the conference stipend I was going to apply for.

F1 McLaren Happy Dance

Our library isn’t very hug-friendly, so I’ll have to contain myself when I congratulate them tomorrow.

F1 Kimi Stoic

I finalized some last-minute details for a Happy Hour AGLISS is holding on Saturday.

F1 Seb Champagne

My professor sent me positive feedback on my research paper outline.

F1 Kamui Celebrating

I watched an SLA webinar on library metrics.

F1 Felipe Bored

I finished up my HTML homework assignment and ran it through the validator…

F1 Romain Worried

… and all my web pages validated!

F1 Riccardo Dance

I picked up some extra hours at work tomorrow.

F1 Seb Yes

I started to get ready to leave, but my kitties are just so cute and distracting.

F1 Jenson Cat

I was running late, so i had to foot it to get to the bus.

F1 Bernie Running

I did some reading on the bus about copyright law and technology infrastructure.

F1 Webber Tired

I got to campus early and kept myself entertained with Twitter.

F1 Nico Dancing

I met up with Kirsten, a fellow first semester CUA LIS student, Mullen employee, classmate, and friend.

F1 Jenson & Rubens Friends

She’s really into technology in libraries and sometimes tries to convince me that I should be too.

F1 Vettel Crazy

She’s super-smart and sometimes when I’m talking to her I’m like…

F1 Jenson Understands

but most of the time I’m like…

F1 Schumacher Confused

We ran into one of our fellow classmates and we all walked across campus together to our classroom.

F1 Webber & Alonso

Most of the time I don’t have much to add to our class discussions.

F1 Kimi I Dunno

We did a short Access database exercise and I was the first person to finish my SQL query!

F1 Hamilton Hand Dance

After class, Kirsten gave me a ride home, saving me a good 45 minutes of travel time.

F1 Vettel Driving

And I actually published my #HLSDITL blog post on the right day! Hopefully I’ll on time the rest of the week.

F1 Kimi Yes

I have some Halloween cookies to bring to work tomorrow, which are really tempting.

F1 Kimi Ice Cream

I was going to dress up like Kimi Raikkonen…

F1 Kimi Deal with It

…but I don’t want to play into any librarian stereotypes.

F1 Kimi Shush

So instead I’m dressing up like Will Buxton and his famous red pants.

F1 Buxton Pants

(Seriously, why are there no Will Buxton Dancing gifs?!?!?)

See people, there ARE commonalities between librarians and Formula One!

Your thoughts?

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