#HLSDITL: I’m a Sunday Librarian

Hack Library School‘s Day in the Life (#HLSDITL), round 2, is a project that encourages library school students from around the world to come together to share what Library (school) Land is really like. This will help prospective students learn what library school is actually like and connect current LIS/IT students with those in other programs. Find other students or sign up on their wiki.
I’m in my first semester of library school at The Catholic University of America, taking 2 classes and working as an Access Services Library Assistant on campus. I’ll be writing about my classes and my research projects, as well as my extracurricular involvement in two of our LIS student organizations, SLA & AGLISS.Vettel 4

I’m getting a jump-start on #HLSDITL! Some library school students take a break from LibraryLand on the weekends, but Sundays are my grad-student shift day at Mullen Library.

Today was a long day, but not because of work. The Formula 1 Grand Prix of India was this morning! I watch all the races live (#livetweets!), so I was up around 2:00am to watch the race from 5:00am-8:00am on NBC Sports Network. Today’s race was historic: Sebastian Vettel won his fourth consecutive World Drivers’ Championship, the youngest driver to ever do so. I love seeing the drivers duke it out until the last race of the season, but Vettel’s been in such top form this year, I couldn’t help but be happy for him. Plus, any excuse to rock my F1 gear while working the library is a plus in my book (“check out” those puns!).

Red Bull RushAfter the race was over, I headed out to CUA. I work every Sunday from 10:45am-5:00pm or later. The library doesn’t open until 11:00am on Sundays, so there’s usually a pretty sizable queue of patrons waiting when we open the doors, ready to settle into their favorite study spot. It’s a bit like a Red Bull Racing rush. It’s great seeing so many people eager to get into the library and get down to work! Even though we have plenty of patrons in the library on Sundays, the circulation desk is pretty low-traffic. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have plenty of work to do!

Even with no patrons at the circ desk, there are still items on the hold shelf to alphabetize, unclaimed items to discharge and route back to their home libraries, received items to place on hold, and returned items to discharge.  Between assisting patrons and processing library items, I spent some time researching Content Management Systems for a departmental database and soliciting feedback on a “How to Read a Call Number” tutorial I created. I also got to spend some time discussing course selections with two of my coworkers who are also in the program.

Towards the end of my shift, I spent some time working on the website for AGLISS (the Association of Graduate Library and Information Science Students). AGLISS is CUA’s official ALA student chapter, and CUALIS’s official graduate student organization. As of right now, AGLISS only has a Facebook page (not great for people like me who’ve never have a Facebook profile), so I’m very excited that I’ve been designated the group’s Webmaster (I will master you, Google Sites!)F1 Bus

When 5:00 rolled around, I clocked out & headed home. I take the bus, which most people I meet just don’t understand (what about Metro?), but riding the bus gives me a good 45 minutes – 1 hour of uninterrupted reading time, something that library school students do a lot of. I swear, I’ve read more journal article in the past 9 weeks than I have in my entire life! Without my dedicated reading-on-the-bus time, I’d probably be way behind in my research project readings, and maybe even struggling to keep up with my weekly class readings.

Even though I got home around 6, it’s somehow already 11:00pm! I’ve got a long day behind me and a busy week ahead of me, so I’ll leave it there for now. Be sure to check back tomorrow to find out what I’m up to during my first “real” day of #HLSDITL!

Your thoughts?

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