Lieutenant-Headshot-Web-2014-11-22I am a Masters of Library and Information Science (M.S.L.I.S.) Candidate at the Catholic University of America and will graduate in May 2016. I am employed as a Graduate Assistant for Catholic’s Department of Library and Information Science and as a Library Assistant for the Alexandria Public Library. I am passionate about supporting positive developments in the lives of individuals, organizations, communities, and society and removing barriers to information, opportunities, and equitable outcomes. I have been fortunate to have opportunities to pursue my passion, both in conducting research that facilitates service improvements and engaging communities through outreach activities and partnership initiatives.

In my time in graduate school, I have rediscovered my natural leadership abilities, keen intellect and insight, and multitasking skills. I have built a solid foundation of experience, refining and amplifying my knowledge, skills, and abilities in assessment and evaluation, strategic and systematic planning, data analysis, project management, critical pedagogy, community engagement, and marketing. I continuously strive to deliver excellent services, whether that be through my work projects, coursework, professional association activities, or leadership initiatives. My research interests span the spectrum of LIS scholarship, from critical theory and social justice to LIS education and accreditation.

I am excited to play a part in shaping the future of information services and leading our profession towards achieving bigger and better things by working with our communities and across the profession. You can find me on Twitter @LizLieutenant and LinkedIn, or you can send me an email through my Contact page.



Disclaimer: The views and statements made on my blog are solely my own. They do not reflect the opinions or positions of any of my past, present, or future associates, including: employers, colleagues, educational institutions, classmates, and organizations I am affiliated with, a member of, or volunteer for.

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Let us celebrate new beginnings

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Giving Thanks

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Ethics Are Not Enough

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I Love Doing Homework

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One year behind… so much ahead

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We measure what we value… We value what we measure…

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