Lieutenant-Headshot-Web-2014-11-22Elizabeth Lieutenant is a Masters of Library and Information Science (M.S.L.I.S.) Candidate at The Catholic University of America. She will graduate in May 2016 and aspires to establish her career in academia. She is employed as a Graduate Library Assistant at The Catholic University of America Libraries and a Library Assistant for the Alexandria Public Library.

Elizabeth is passionate about supporting positive developments and improvements in the lives of individuals, organizations, communities, and society and removing barriers to information, opportunities, and outcomes. She has pursued this passion in conducting research to facilitate service improvements and engaging communities through outreach activities and partnership initiatives. Her interests align with her values and include: critical pedagogical praxis, student leadership development, and redesigning higher education institutions to be equitable, inclusive, and open learning systems.

Elizabeth’s research interests focus on critical approaches to higher education. Specifically, she is interested in how higher education structures, such as outcomes assessment, continuous improvement processes, and accreditation activities, can be used to promote reflective praxis, educational equity, student agency, and organizational change.

Values, Measures, and Decisions

I’ve spent a lot of time these past few months thinking about my past experiences and future plans. I’m in flux at the moment. All my ducks were lined up in troop formation. All the blank puzzle pieces were clicking into place. I knew what my last year of school would entail, then promptly decided … Continue reading

Exit, Voice, and Loyalty

Fall Winter     Spring     Summer           Fall             Winter           Spring           Summer           I have a voice again…

Let us celebrate new beginnings

You’ve made it. This investment of time, energy, and money has finally ended, and in return, you are each the holders of a piece of paper with MSLIS printed on it. It is my hope that you have gotten much out of this experience. I hope that you have learned something through your coursework, and … Continue reading

Student Voice

Hi again! I’ve been relatively silent for the past year, give or take a few months. I’ve devoted the majority of my time to research. I’ve focused on processes, keeping the outcomes of these processes in mind at all times. There’s reasons for this and that’s ok. It’s what has allowed us to function best. … Continue reading

Giving Thanks

I am thankful for… Knowing some of the best new professionals* this side of the MS.LIS divide. I can’t wait to see what we do once we cross that line. People who want me to learn and support my nontraditional path towards that line. Venues that have allowed me to learn from others and share … Continue reading

Ethics Are Not Enough

“The foundation of modern librarianship rests on an essential set of core values that define, inform, and guide our professional practice. These values reflect the history and ongoing development of the profession and have been advanced, expanded, and refined by numerous policy statements of the American Library Association.” -ALA Core Values of Librarianship ALA Code … Continue reading

I Love Doing Homework

Anyone who know me knows I love researching LIS education: When I applied to library school, I did my homework. When I heard rumors of a spike in LIS program enrollment rates, I did my homework. When I became concerned that the library job market might not be able to sustain the number of LIS … Continue reading